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  • Expertise, innovative technology and skill with unsurpassed knowlegde
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing with NO evaluation fee
  • No Data No charge policy
  • Data confidentiality policy
  • Customer satisfaction guraranteed
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Commitment and continuous Research

Expertise, innovative technology and skill with unsurpassed knowledge

Data recovery requires not only skill, knowledge and expertise, proprietary technology and equipment must also be employed during the procedures. In fact, these requirements compliment each other in order to do a succesful data recovery.

We have thorough understanding of hard disk architecture and electronic circuits. This is the premise of doing a successful recovery from the damaged hard disk. We have recovered from all major hard disk manufacturers such as IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Maxtor, Seagate, Fujitsu, Samsung and Western Digital. In order to keep pace with the fast changing IT industry, Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia constantly researches and upgrade our knowledge and techniques on data recovery, ensuring our customers will get the best service.

Our commitment and perseverence towards innovation and data recovery techniques which others dismiss as an impossible task, has even gotten our competitors talking about us.

Reasonable and affordable pricing with NO evaluation fee

Confirmed pricing will only be released to user after thorough evaluation on the damaged media has been done. Cost of recovery will depend on the type of failure which determines complexity of the job involved in term of service hours and cost of parts needed ( if failure is hardware originated ). Other factors taken into consideration include types of OS, capacity of hard disk ( complexity increases rather proportionately with capacity of hard disk drive ), availability of parts, types of raid array ( raid 0, raid 1, raid 5 or multliple level raid array 0+5 1+5….etc ) and number of disk drives in the array ………..so on and so forth.

See ADRC's Pricing Scheme

No Data No Charge Policy

We reiterate, ADRC does not charge any evaluation fee which is a one-time payable fee regardless data is recoverable or not.

ADRC strictly adhere to our “ No data no charge" policy. If data cannot be recovered from your damaged or crashed hard disks, you don’t pay a cent. We may spend hours or days trying to extract lost data from your damaged media, and in spite of the time and resources had been invested in the job, if data cannot be recovered, there will be no charge whatsoever.

We offer another level of guarantee and customer satisfaction - if recovered data is only partial and user chooses not to accept it even after the quotation has been revised, we will not charge for the job done.

Data confidentiality policy

It has never been compromised for any customers at any time. As such, a considerable amount of resources had been spent and invested in the implementation on security procedures to safeguard data confidentiality.
  • Our office and lab are installed with security video CAM to monitor any unauthorized access. In addition, all door access points are secured by 24-hour alarm intrusion system.
  • Data belonging to specific user could only be accesssed by that individual user and no one else during verification at our office
  • Only authorised recovery personnels could access the hard disk sent for recovery or the recovered data
  • The original damaged hard disk or media sent for recovery is securely locked if not in use
  • Chain of custody on the media is engaged using ADRC’s in house electronics log book monitoring system
  • Our standard non-disclosure agreement will be available any time on request.

Keeping customers data secure is part of our procedure, with or without an agreement. In fact, it has become an integral part of our policy in keeping customers’ data with strict confidentiality.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

No data no charge will ensure users do not pay unnecessarily if we fail to recover the needed data.

For any recovery after completion, user has option of coming down personally to our offices to review and verify all data before making acceptance. If critical data is fall short of expectation, ADRC will rectify all those shortcomings and if the remedical steps still do not reach user’s anticipation, we will consider the particular job unrecoverable and user just walk off without paying a cent.

Beware of the many veiled and obscured “ No data No charge “ policy which seemingly similar to ADRC’s. Some of this company will charge a minimum amount of fee should there be some data recovered, even if the data is of no importance and not needed by user.

It came no surprise that ADRC had been riding high in reputation in the field of data recovery and still is, and come with it is a long running list of satisfied customers who had given their testimonials in appreiciation of the services rendered to them by ADRC.

Customers' Testimonial

Fast turnaround time

Losing data without proper backup especially for companies and corporate could be traumatic and painful or even catastrophic leading to routine operation interrupted or a complete halt. To retrieve and restore lost data back to the system is critical, thus recovery of lost data has to be prompt and efficient.

We offer several service options to meet users’ needs.

  • Standard Evaluation
  • Emergency Express Service

This makes it possible for us to accommodate different customers' budgets and time constraints. For user whose data is critical, Emergency Express Service would be a viable option as we would try to get the job done within 2-3 days.

Commitment and continuous research

With handling more than 30,000 cases of hard disk recovery since 1998 and the experience so gained with it, ADRC is fully committed to continuously offering trustworthy and reliablle data services. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of dollars has been invested in parts, equipments and latest know-how to keep up with technology which is ever-changing, we perform continuous research to ensure that we have the latest knowledge and facilities to stay competitive. All recovery procedures, equipments and softwares are developed in-house to address specific problems and optimize the recovery yield.

With Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia, you know your lost data is in the right hands.

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