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Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC ) began its operation in Malaysia sometime in April 2005 where it started with a temporary office in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL. It was not until Jan 2008 we shifted from Jaya Section 14 to our present premise which is equipped with a full fledged class 100 laboratory, a standard and prerequisite required by any competent data recovery company to perform data recovery on hardware-associated disk failure.

Headquartered in Singapore , wilth subsidiaries in Malaysia and Japan, not only do we served customers from Japan, China, Hongkong and within Asean, we had received hard disks sent in as far as United Kingdom. This may account to the unexceeded knowledge on digital storage media and unparalled service rendered to our customers. We have experience in all types of digital storage media, irrespective of its operatiing system and file system you name it.

Our Data Recovery Services

With experience in handling more than 100,000 jobs (as of year 2016) of the vast varieties of digital media, ADRC also hold more than a million dollar ($ Singapore) worth of hard disk parts and other hardware related accessories, without forgetting thousands of dollars being invested in proprietary software and hardware recovery tools and equipments, we are fully committed in providing quality data recovery service.

Computer forensic is another area where ADRC will have an edge over its competitors. A full understanding of hard disk architecture and its electronic layout makes us one step ahead of other forensic investigators.

ADRC's Advantage - Data Recovery cum Computer Forensic Expert
ADRC also is the first data recovery service company in Malaysia and Singapore providing a secured online job-progress status-checking system. All ADRC’s customers who submitted their media for recovery will be allocated a specific and individualised login user name and password to log on to our web site so that recovery status and job progress could be checked with ease of just a click, any time, any place.

We are committed to provide quality hard disk data recovery services , past and now, and will continue to do so in future.

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