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Recognising the fact that companies or corporations’s activities will be disrupted or in more extreme scenario, come to a complete halt if critical data is lost without an up-to-date backup. Operation might only be resumed upon reinstatement of data back into the system.

This means companies might run into thousands or even millions of dollars losses if data is not recovered immediately and the consequences will be catastrophic.

In this context, ADRC’s Emergency Recovery Services will be the most feasible option. With such service, full focus and attention will be directed at the particular job round the clock until it is done and the turn around time will normally be within 48 hours.This expedited service ensure data will be recovered in the fastest possible manner so that business could be “as usual” at the soonest.

Users just need to indicate in the service request form that you require the "emergency service" in the "type of service" field. We will then attend to your request as soon as possible.

Indicate that you require "emergency service" when filling in the service request form.

ADRC Malaysia provides the most comprehensive and dedicated emergency data recovery service.

Our highly specialised and experienced recovery team will be able to respond to any emergency incident or situation.

Call ADRC at 017-4343451 / 012-2364343