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The tech team have done wonderful job in recovering my data. In fact, 100% recovery. Great job.

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A search in Google, Yahoo or any search engines using “data recovery” as key words will have a search results of more than 50,000,000 returns. Going through the first ten companies in the first page of the search result could already be taxing and onerous, how one could choose the right company or vendor to recover the data especially if such data is critical in nature? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Call any company which offers data recovery and they will claim to be qualified to do the job. Is searching a data recovery service provider that difficult? The problem lies in most people do not know what to look for in choosing one and mind you, the process of looking for the right one could be simpler than what you think.

  • Most people believe finding the right one out of the hundreds or thousands is mere luck

  • It’s not about searching through endless websites by trial and error, neither is it about randomly choosing one or two to call – which is what most people will and still do.

  • Remember, ALL DATA RECOVERY SOLUTIONS ARE NOT THE SAME – how could there be over 55,000 returns of search results even if you limit the search to “pages from Malaysia “while you Google with the key words “data recover”?

  • The process of looking for the right data recovery company could be simpler that most people overlook it. This oversight is precisely what can make the data recovery process and choosing the data recovery vendor feel so frustrating.



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Anybody can make a fancy looking data recovery website, posing as a professional data recovery service company. In the data recovery world, very few companies have the know-how to create data recovery software, and the advanced technologies required for data recovery service, and the readily availability of parts on most hard disk models.

How about the costs of building out a clean room environment and maintaining it? How about the expertise of program engineers needed and the cost of creating the recovery software? Only a handful of firms are doing data recovery as a full-time business. How does one get a professional data recovery company so that critical data could be retrieved and recovered safely and promptly?

We reiterated, when a mistake is made in data recovery during the first attempt, you seldom get a second chance to recover your data. Permanent data loss could be inevitable.

When searching for the best data recovery solution, keep this checklist in mind:

  • Professionals data recovery service vendor offers not only logical or software recovery, the company should also engage in hardware related recovery.

  • The company has invested in significant and substantial amount in purchasing hard disks from different manufacturers / distributors on different models and specifications to be used as parts

  • Parts should be adequate and readily available for any hardware related failure

  • Data recovery services and Forensic investigation would be the core and the only business or services rendered, nothing more.

  • Find out if there is a Class 100 clean lab for hardware related failure.

  • Probe on the experience and expertise of data recovery services rendered and show proof of testimonial of satisfied customers

  • If a site looks suspicious, challenge the contact information. Is there any contact number or address listed on the site? Any email support? Sometimes a visit to the office site will be necessary to determine the viability of such recovery company before sending in the damaged hard disk for recovery. Remember, in any recovery of data loss situation, the first attempt is most important and critical. The correct decision will mean you get back your data or have them permanently lost.

Service is excellent

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