What is NAS ?

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Network attached storage (in short, NAS) describes storage devices that can be accessed over a computer network rather than being directly connected to the computer. NAS devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once.

NAS has emerged as a powerful, proven technology for storing data that needs to be shared in the office or the home. NAS devices enable home and business users to easily share large amounts of data in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Some advantages and Benefits of NAS

A number of factors are making NAS a very popular solution in the home and business:


NAS offers a convenient way for users to add storage to all devices in the home or office. By adding a high-capacity NAS storage to a network, all of the devices in the network are able to simultaneously access and utilize this storage.In business situation, all users from marketing, sales, finance or production can access and store the company’s data on the same storage which is located on a centralized location. NAS also offers home user a simple solution to sharing files, music, photos, etc. You can put an entire family's digital photo collection on a NAS, and all family members can access the photos that are located on the same device.


Instead of having individual device like USB backup for every single device in your home or office,NAS devices are commonly used as backup servers. A single NAS could do the job and all computers on the network can backup to the NAS device. The NAS will be available on each machine as a destination for your backup or source for a restore.

Sharing over the Internet

With the advancement in NAS technology, NAS devices offer new techniques and applications that make sharing files easier. This includes sharing technologies such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Other technologies include Multimedia streaming which allows users to stream multimedia content from the NAS device directly to any playback device like Televisions, Game Consoles, etc.