Cost and Pricing of Data Recovery

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One tends to ask, why data recovery is expensive and in most circumstances cost of recovery exceeds cost of new hard disks ?

First and foremost, one cannot equate the value of data to the price of hard disk. Data like photos and video of loved ones is considered “critical” by some for sendimental value. To them such data is priceless. Companies might lose thousands of dollars or in more extreme circumstances, disruptive in routine or even shutdown its operation if data is lost without proper backup reinstated into the system.

Data recovery is a highly professsional and skill-intensive sort of service. Not only proper skill, electronics circuits knowledge, experience, and digital storage know-how, but also proper working enviroment be it C100 clean lab, parts with its related accessories, soldering equipments, proprietory recovery machinery and other ultilities.Lacking any of these will not be able to provide data recovery services to the highest level of satisfaction.

Sure there are companies without proper facilities needed and will be able to set up a recovery centre with minimum requirements by using some commercially available software and start providing data recovery services on hard disks with logical failure and the cost of such recovery offered by these companies is relatively low.

Remember, sending your damaged media to such vendors means higher chances of losing your important data permanently especially so if failure of the media is hardware related. Therefore it is not surprising that a large portions of hard disks already permamently damaged after being meddled by these so called “ recovery vendors” before they were sent to ADRC. Once permanent damaged had been inflicted, recovery is no longer feasible.