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For confidentiality and security reasons to prevent unauthorised access to important and critical data, corporation or individuals use passwords to ward off these illegal intruders.

There are different techniques to protect and secure the confidentiality of such data and broadly these are:

File with password lock

One of the most common way to deny access of a file to unathorised personnel is to add a password to such file ensuring file could only be accessed when correct password is keyed in. For instance, microsft word, excel, powerpoint, access, outlook PST files, WinZip, WinRAR…..etc could be password protected to prevent illegal access. Different files could be protected with different passwords and the level of security and protection normally depends on the algorithm, password length and character combinations.

File System Encryption

Another more secure way to ensure protection for important data, helping businesses prevent information loss. In order to access any of the files or folders under the file system, the right keys or passwords (or a combination of them) need to be supplied. Such method has the advantage of protecting all the target files and folders with “on-the-fly” decryption. Also, modern encryption software manufacturer use algorithms including AES-256 and RC5-1024 for strong protection. makes hacking or decryption rather impossible without the original password or keys.

Hard disk password lock

This enables the user to lock the whole hardisk to prevent unauthorised access to the media at the BIOS level. The invention provides an encryption circuit for encrypting and decrypting data as it travels to and from a hard disk. The encryption circuit can be turned on or off under control of the BIOS program and a user supplied password. With the present invention, a removed hard disk cannot be read without the user supplied password and a similar encryption circuit. Losing or forgetting your password will mean losing all your important data.

Depending on the conditions of the drive and model, type of encryption used and its security level, ADRC has a number of ways to help user to recover the data when the file or disk is password protected. We might have to employ a combination of hardware and proprietary software to recover users’ data under such circumstances.


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