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With technology advancement and increase in demand while relative decrease in hard ware cost, having the ability to own a notebook or laptop is no longer a luxury but a necessity, as seen by the increase in the number of laptops sold over the last few years.

Laptop hard disk drives, also known as notebook hard dirve / disk, work in the same way as Desktop hard disk drives. Laptop hard disk with a form factor of 2.5” ( or 1.8” form factor as used in some models of laptop )

The only difference between the two is that parts used in laptop hard disk drives are significantly smaller in size whereas desktop or Office PC or server used hard disks with form factor 3.5”.

This size reduction of parts makes laptop drives fragile. The cost of recovery for laptop hard drives is same as desktop hard drive. ADRC performs data recovery service for all laptop hard disk drives. We work with all operating systems including Windows, DOS, MAC, Novell, UNIX, and Linux.

Because they are often carried about and exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water and dust, laptops and notebook computers are far more susceptible to data loss than their office desktop counterparts. Their portability makes these sophisticated and essential mobile devices prime candidates for data loss. Having completed thousands of successful laptop hard drive recoveries, ADRC’s recovery experts can quickly handle the most challenging of laptop data recovery situation.

For all sizes and makes of laptop/notebook computers, ADRC’s expertise in the area of data recovery is second to none through years of experience and our in-depth knowledge on hard disk architecture and electronics layouts. No matter the cause of data loss, accidental, mechanical, or environment related damages, types of OS, file system or file types, our team of recovery professionals have the capability and skills to make things right.

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