Packing Tips for hard disks

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Extreme care should be exercised while packing hard disks to be sent out via courier or dispatch. This should not be taken lightly as hard disks are electronics goods which itself in nature is highly fragile and sensitive to shocks or impact, not to mention an already crashed hard disk which akin to a very sick patient who demand more care and attention. Proper packaging will ensure the media not suffering from further damages rendering recovery impossible.

By adhering to some simple rules and procedures, you will prevent further damages done to the media and making sure that data is not lost as a result of delivery. Always handle damaged hard disk ( send for recovery) the way as if it is new.

All media should be packed in an anti-static bubble wrap and foam. If you have more than one hard disk, have them individually wrapped and foam or sponge should be used to separate each and every one of them.

The wrapped media should then be placed in a box surrounded by foam, bubble wrap or packing material. Styrofoam peanut should be avoided as it may induce static charges which could be detrimental to the electronic circuits of the hard disk. To protect the drive from shock, cushioning material sould be used on all sides of the box ensuring the drive does not move when the box is suddenly jarred. Secure the drive snugly with the same amount of cushioning on all sides to provide ample protection for the media. If user ever made an online request, print out a copy of the Data Recovery Request Form or simply write down your Request ID and attach it together with the media before sending to ADRC.

As a precautionary measure, use a “ Fragile” sticker to alert your dispatcher so that additonal care will be exercised while making delivery of the parcel.
If only data recovery is needed from the crashed hard disk, remove all cables, USB casing, manual, brackets and the likes and send in only the damaged hard disk unless otherwise specified.

For raid array and specific types of storage server, system controller card and full server system with its accessories might be needed under certain circumstances and users will need to contact ADRC for details.