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Nowadays devices such as NAS and SAN are prominently used to store large amount of data in enterprises.

Generally NAS is referred as “File level storage” and SAN as “Block level storage” .

What is NAS ?

The term network attached storage (commonly abbreviated as NAS) describes storage devices that can be accessed over a computer network rather than being directly connected to the computer. NAS devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once.

NAS has emerged as a powerful, proven technology for storing data that needs to be shared in the office or the home. NAS devices enable home and business users to easily share large amount of data in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

What is SAN (Storage Area Network) ?

A SAN (Storage area Network )is a network specifically dedicated to the task of transporting data for storage and retrieval. SAN architectures are alternatives to storing data on disks directly attached to servers or storing data on NAS ( Network Attached Storage ) devices which are connected through general purpose networks.


Aside from saving data, a storage area network has other features that large corporations will find very helpful in monitoring and managing business operations. This computer network supports data transfer from a single device to other data storage devices. Another special feature of the system is disk mirroring. In addition, SAN is useful in creating back-ups and data retrieval. Lastly, many companies and governmental institutions use this computer architecture because it has the capability to connect network-attached storage systems with subnetworks

At ADRC, we have specialized and proprietary methodology which is an effective in-house developed techniques to recover data from NAS and SAN.

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